SlumberTrek - Australia's most loved outdoor essentials. Image of wave crashing along beach from above with 3 people running.

When the beach is your happy place
and your dreams are made from sun and sand.

Our Australian way of life embraces casual living and the great outdoors,
and we’re passionate about helping the rest of the world to live it up.

Sunshine is our favorite accessory. Image shows four people with backpacks, sport equipment, instrument and cooler or esky

The 2019 Products

Summer is our time to relax at home. Image shows h appy couple by the pool at home seated on cushion recliners

You don't always have to get in the car for epic experiences...

Our range of outdoor chairs and shelters are made for backyard adventures.

SlumberTrek Australia is a world leader in innovative beach, outdoor and lifestyle products,
our goal is to make your day outdoors, the best day.

Embrace your time outside with loved ones. Image shows baby in hat playing with bucket and spade in the sand at the beach