Why SlumberTrek?

We Design, Create and Deliver product and retail solutions for Australian and International retailers.
• For our development capabilities, our ability to customise, and an ever increasing range of products.
• We do what we say we will.
• We are passionate.
• For coordination. Our products and packaging ensure the retailer is able to convey a story.
• For the complete solution, from product design right through to various methods of delivery to store.
• Our strict QC process ensures that all products are fit for purpose.
• Having worked closely with our retail customers over the last 19 years, we are able to offer a number of POS solutions (SRT, PDQ, hang-sell) to best suit our products and any retail environment.
• We are good at what we do.
• We know your customers.


The Beginning of the Family Business
The Schwarz family began operations in Australia in 1938 when Max and Alfred Schwarz arrived on Australian shores from Europe. When a major Melbourne retailer offered cash in advance for 100 polyester quilts, it was this injection of funds that enabled the purchase of their first quilting machine. Ever since, the machinery purchased had been of the latest technology from Europe. In the mid-forties, Alfred’s wife gave birth to a son – Paul Schwarz. Early in the 1960’s he studied textiles and “grew” into the business later becoming the principle in the 1970’s.
Whilst the business had always dabbled in the sleeping bag and camping market, within six years the company had become the largest manufacturer of sleeping bags in the Southern hemisphere and also a major importer of tents, backpacks & other outdoor gear. In order to expand the operations even further, off-shore production was required. Paul travelled to China and revamped existing Chinese sleeping bag factories with the latest Western technology and methods, implementing Western quality control and management expertise. From these humble beginnings the business grew from a small family operation into a privately owned, professionally run organisation yet retained a family atmosphere amongst its employees.

Creation of SlumberTrek Pty Ltd
Sleepmaster was sold in early 1995, and July of the same year saw the establishment of SlumberTrek Australia Pty Ltd. The Business has grown from a primarily camping supplier to a broad range consumer products developer.

The LIFE!® brand was established in 1993 and purchased by SlumberTrek in 2009. Please refer to the Life website, www.lifeliveitup.com.au. SlumberTrek is committed to expanding the range and availability to ensure everyone can have a taste of life!