Made for our Australian way of life. Image shows family running in shallow water at the beach.

Our Australian way of life means we embrace casual living.

Established in 1995, our family run business remains passionate about designing, creating and delivering innovative lifestyle products worldwide that capture our Australian casual living way of life.  Whether relaxed indoors, hiking and camping, picnicking at the beach, watching sport or immersed in a music festival we want everyone enjoying their time in style and comfort.

Kakteen print development image with concept artwork, paint, pens, brushes and cactus

Innovative Design

We search the globe to bring you exciting new beach and outdoor products every year, in the latest colours and prints.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable yet highly portable recliner chair for a festival, or the latest in sun shade for your beach days, we have you covered.

Close up black and white image of someone using a sewing machine

Responsible Manufacturing

We are deeply committed to transparent sourcing and manufacturing. All of our factories are independently audited, and we believe in safeguarding the conditions for everyone involved in our supply chain to ensure we ‘Trade with Purpose’. We take responsibility for the world around us, and while auditing the supply chain can be difficult we are committed to transparency.

Images of the Bronte Cushion recliner showing it in use, being used as a backpack, the multiple recline positions and it used flat

High Quality Products

We rigorously test all of our products so you can buy knowing they are fit for purpose, and for fun. So long as you don’t do anything crazy with your new product, your recliner chair will keep you comfy at a festival, your sun shade will protect from the rays, and the Flexion will keep the bugs from spoiling your BBQ.

The SlumberTrek story began way back in 1938...

The Schwarz family began operations in 1938, when Max & Alfred Schwarz arrived on Australian shores from Europe.  When a major Melbourne retailer offered cash in advance for 100 polyester quilts, it was this injection of funds that enabled the purchase of the first quilting machine. In the mid-forties, Alfred’s wife gave birth to their son Paul who “grew” into the business.  He studied textiles in the early 1960’s and later become the principal in the 1970’s. Within six years, the company had become the largest manufacturer of sleeping bags in the Southern Hemisphere whilst also a major importer of tents, backpacks & other outdoor gear.  In order to expand operations further, Paul travelled to China and revamped existing sleeping bag factories with the latest technologies, quality controls and management expertise. SlumberTrek Australia Pty. Ltd., created in July 1995, has now grown from primarily a camping products supplier to designing, creating and delivering our large range of innovative, functional lifestyle products across the globe.