Factory to Retail Logistics

  • Global

    Integrated Offshore Business, Manufacturing and Support.

  • Tailored

    Manufacturing for Local and International Market Places.

  • Logistics

    International Product Storage and Transportation.

Shore to Store

SlumberTrek is EDI capable are currently trades on an EDI basis with the major Australian retailers

We offer a number of supply options:

  • FOB
  • FCA
  • Ex works
  • FIS
  • FIW

Some Details


SlumberTrek has a strict and robust Quality Assurance program in place.

We have an internal QC team (based in Suzhou, China & Melbourne Australia) Our QC conducts inspections on raw materials before production, production checks and finished production inspections at the point of manufacture.

  • Testing – We conduct testing on our products to satisfy mandatory standards. Naturally, we also conduct specific testing according to our retailer partner requirements
  • Most of our production facilities have either been independently audited (quality & ethical) by a 3rd party such as SGS or by the high standards of our retailers themselves
  • We work with our facilities towards attaining (if not already) International accreditation such as BSCI, ISO etc
  • SlumberTrek also conducts non formal testing which includes product use/testing by end consumers.

SlumberTrek has an ongoing program of auditing our supply chain for adherence to ethical practices incorporating labour rights, safety and the environment

What we Do