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Fequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the 2019 beach products?

You can find these products at select Walmart stores around the country. Ask your local Walmart to help you locate them if you can’t find them in store.

Are they available online?

For Australian customers only, you’ll find a selection of LiFE! and Vienna Woods products for purchase online. Unfortunately for all international customers, our products are not currently available online.

Products Purchased at Walmart US stores

I bought a product from Walmart and I have questions about how to use it.

Head to our Contact Us page for all the details on getting in touch. Our support staff are here to help.

I bought a product from Walmart and it doesn’t seem to be working, or is faulty.

Head to our Customer Support page for all the details on getting in touch. Our support staff are here to help.

Does my product come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our 2019 Beach Products come with a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. Please retain receipt for proof of purchase.

My Bronte Cushion Recliner doesn’t close to make the backpack.

The mechanism of this backpack is quite firm so when trying to close it to carry as a backpack, from the fully open, flat position, it can seem tricky. Close it together as much as feels right and then, using a little more force, push it closed further. It just needs a little nudge.

For Business

I’m interested in your products, are these all the products you make?

Not at all, we have a large catalogue of products to suit every retailers needs. Please get in touch and one of our sales team will be in contact soon to chat about your needs and send you our digital catalogues.