For over 35 years, Arctic Zone® has been the market leader in soft-sided coolers and lunch packs, bringing technology and design expertise to make every day better.

With a commitment to breaking boundaries and fostering endless creativity, the Arctic Zone® offer is at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

As a market leader, Arctic Zone® sets the standard for soft-sided coolers and lunch packs, constantly pushing the limits of design and functionality.

Their products go beyond expectations, adding value so consumers can enjoy long lunches, outdoor concerts, impromptu picnics, and other fun everyday experiences. Arctic Zone® offers innovative designs to cater to diverse needs.

Featuring extra compartments, ample storage space and additional ice packs, Arctic Zone® products redefine convenience. 

make each stop along life’s journey a memorable and enjoyable one. Embrace the market leader and go beyond with Arctic Zone®, for better days. 

Trusted by millions worldwide, Arctic Zone® is synonymous with quality products that keep food and beverages fresh.

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Microban® Protection

Microban® is built-in antimicrobial protection against odor and stain causing bacteria. 

Microban® will not wash off or wear away during the product’s lifetime. 


Backsaver® technology provides an ergonomic solution to carrying heavy loads. It features an offset strap position that centres load weight for easier carrying and an anti-slip shoulder pad that keeps the shoulder strap securely in place. 

zipperless coolers

The only coolers with a patented Zipperless™ hardbody lid for hassle-free, instant gratification.

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