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At SlumberTrek®, sustainability is not just a buzzword.

We’re dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint, fostering a sense of community, and ensuring the well-being of our employees.  

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously. We believe in making responsible choices that positively impact the environment, our community, and our employees. Join us on our journey to a more sustainable future. 

we strive to make meaningful changes that improve our sustainability while pursuing our company goals and respecting our values.

packaging pledge

We are a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and are proud to align our sustainability goals with the 2025 National Packaging Targets, supported by industry and government. These targets represent a sustainable approach to packaging that aims to benefit our environment and communities. 

One of the key areas where we’re driving change is through our packaging. We understand that packaging plays a vital role in preserving and protecting our products, but it should also be kind to the planet, and that’s why we’ve made the following commitments: 

100% Sustainable Packaging 

We pledge that 100% of all our packaging in Australia will be either reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025, or earlier. This means that every SlumberTrek® product will be packaged in an eco-friendly manner, reducing waste and environmental impact. 

50% Average Recycled Content 

We’re actively working to incorporate an average of 50% recycled content across all our packaging by 2025. This commitment not only reduces the demand for new raw materials but also encourages the recycling industry. 

Phasing Out of Single-Use Plastics 

We’re taking a stand against problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging. Through innovative design and alternative solutions, we aim to phase out such packaging completely. 


We are deeply committed to transparent sourcing and manufacturing.

We take pride in being a valued member of AMFORI, a leading business association dedicated to fostering sustainable trade. AMFORI empowers companies worldwide to thrive as responsible businesses by enhancing the Environmental, Social, and Governance performance of their supply chains.

All of our factories are independently audited, and we believe in safeguarding the conditions for everyone involved in our supply chain to ensure we ‘Trade with Purpose’. We take responsibility for the world around us, and while auditing the supply chain can be difficult we are committed to transparency.

SlumberTrek® strives for a more sustainable and responsible future. With the support of our customers, retailers, and partners, we believe we can make a significant difference, not just in our industry but for the entire planet.

As we continue to evolve, we commit to keep our network informed about our journey and the positive impacts we’re making. Together, we can create a better world for today and generations to come.